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Internet Lifestyle Network University – Lesson on Branding and Ad copy

The Internet Lifestyle Network University contain training courses on a variety of subjects such as business entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial mindset, online marketing strategies etc..

Internet Lifestyle Network University

8-Figure branding and Ad copy

One of the lessons inside the Apprentice area of the Internet Lifestyle Network University (ILN University) is on branding and Ad copy. Vince Ortega Jr, co-owner of the Internet Lifestyle Network explains to us the mistakes most marketers make while branding themselves and creating effective Ad copy.

He says that your Ad copy must reach people’s hearts in order for them to be interested in taking a closer look at what you have to offer. Promises of earning tons of money is not going to cut it because people are not interested in money per se as much as they are interested in the freedoms and lifestyle that money can buy.

This is the first part of my review of the 8-Figure Branding and Ad Copy course which talks about how to make good Ad copy. The video analyses how to get to people’s hearts while making Ad Copy.

In the next video I review the second point he talked about in the course which is on how to brand ourselves. People make a grave mistake by branding their Companies rather than themselves. People join people, not Companies or programs. It is important to brand yourself and form strong relationships and gain people’s trust in your abilities, leadership and wisdom.

As you see, providing value is key to attracting people to your business.

Vince is a marketing genius and his ideas are so simple to understand and duplicate. His years of trial and error has enabled him to refine his marketing skills and now he shares his skills in these courses inside the Internet Lifestyle Network University.

Vince’s Marketing trainings, together with the entrepreneurship and leadership skills trainings of co-owner Mark Hoverson, makes The Internet Lifestyle Network a required training community for all hopeful network and internet marketers.

The reason why 95% of network marketers fail is because they do not have the required marketing skills, but more importantly, they do not have the entrepreneurial mindset and leadership skills. This is precisely what is addressed through the courses inside the Internet Lifestyle Network University.

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Mark Hoverson’s preview webinar – Golden nuggets

I just attended Mark Hoverson’s webinar last night along with 600 others where Mark gave us a sneak peek into ‘behind the scenes’ training that he’s going to conduct next week.

You can take a look at the hour long replay by clicking here.

Mark is such a good speaker and he enthralls his audience with his wisdom.He dropped quite a few nuggets along the way and I thought I’ll share a few with you.

Here’s my review of this webinar.

 A powerful question

Here’s one of the strategies he uses when he is in a situation where he doesn’t have all the answers.

He talks about an incident where a friend was on the phone trying to get a refund from a Company for 12 months of stuff he had purchased. They said there’s only a 30 day guarantee and you can only go back 30 days. And then the friend asked …”If you were me, what would you do?”. And the Company rep said that actually due to such and such reasons you can actually go back a full year.

 So you are actually posing the question back to the one denying you what you want. By asking them the right question, you put the onus back on them to open up and provide you with the most favorable result.

 This can even be applied in a buying situation where you are buying something and you don’t know the industry or the product/service that you are buying, you pose the question back to the person you are buying from saying “what would you do?”

Another nugget.

This being a webinar concerning creation of info products, Mark has some advise on what products to create. People want results, not knowledge or information. So you need to create products that are result oriented.

 Another one.

Be a wordsmith and create your own vocabulary. For instance in his Info Marketing Blueprint product he coined the term “Executive communication”. In his Solomon 10 million plus product there’s a section where he talks about our fears being illusory (not real and just in our imagination). He has a teaching called “Scarecrow Armies”. He could have titled it as say “Overcoming your fears”. But that’s too plain and not catchy.

The title “Scarecrow Armies” has a unique spin and people will associate that term to Mark. This is what high-earning authors do. They create their own vocabulary.

Watch the replay.

If you missed the free live webinar, you can find the recording by clicking here. Watch the full hour long webinar and soak yourself in the wisdom of Mark Hoverson.

 Once you’ve viewed the preview, go ahead and sign up for the full webinar that Mark will be hosting live shortly.

In this webinar he will go into greater detail of the behind the scenes action he takes to create these info products. You will be taken inside Mark’s mind to see how he thinks, what strategies he employs and why.

Click this link to watch the preview.

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8-Figure Earner Mark Hoverson’s FREE sneak peek On How To Create BlockBuster Products!

Register for the FREE webinar

=> http://tinyurl.com/knb572k

8-Figure Earner Mark Hoverson is going to reveal a simple preview of how to actually create content that:

1. Sells like crazy
2. Sells like crazy for a long time
3. Sells so crazy that people purchase the sequels of the product because the previous ones were so good.

If you have ever wanted to create a book, or a sermon, or a ‘how-to’ course, or a video that helps change people’s lives, and at the same time helps you make tons of money, then you need to attend this sneak preview inside this ‘behind the scenes’ training.

So who is Mark Hoverson and why should you listen to him?

Mark Hoverson

Mark is an 8-figure earner and is a premier trainer and coach whose best selling product, Solomon CEO, has made several hundred thousand dollars in Sales.

The recent release of his new product ‘Solomon $10 million plus’  sold over $100K in pre-orders in less than 48 hours.

What’s more, the product was sold with no website, no sales video, and with only a good doc with a few details of what was coming.

Be sure to book your seat for this sneak peek on how to create blockbuster products. It’s FREE and NO RISK.

The webinar is on Tuesday, 10 September at 8pm EDT.

Register here

=> http://tinyurl.com/knb572k

For more information about the Internet Lifestyle Network click here.

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Internet Lifestyle Network – Day 1 of the 100 Videos in 100 Days Challenge!

The future of internet marketing is Video marketing. Videos are a powerful tool employed by marketers both online and offline to promote their products and services.

Internet Lifestyle Network
Online network marketing and affiliate marketing Companies are seeking to take advantage of this new trend by encouraging their members/subscribers to promote their products using video.

In line with this, Vincent Ortega Jr, co-owner of the Internet Lifestyle Network (ILN) has thrown a challenge to its members to record one video every day for the next 100 days. Quite a task but its been received with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Vince Ortega Jr

Vince Ortega Jr

He’s so confident of the power of videos and the ILN brand that he will pay $100 to any member that completes the challenge successfully but fails to make a sale.

Internet Lifestyle Network leadership

And as a true leader who leads by example, co-owners Vince and Clifton Hatfield are also participating in the ILN challenge with the rest of the members. You will never see a more accessible, transparent and down to earth Company owner than Vince Ortega Jr.

He has this Grand vision of helping 100,000 people to earn $10,000 per month during his lifetime for a total of 1 billion dollars per month in commission payouts in the Internet Lifestyle Network. With the single minded focus that he has demonstrated, it will be no surprise when he does accomplish this task.

Dream BIG Dreams!

As for me, never one to shy away from a challenge, I have accepted the ILN challenge and I’ve started out with my first video.

Over the next several days of the Internet Lifestyle Network video challenge I will be presenting insights gathered from my years of life experiences as well as knowledge gathered from the Internet Lifestyle Network University (ILN University) through that great master teacher Mark Hoverson and the marketing genius – Vince Ortega Jr.
Internet Lifestyle Network

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My Million Dollar Day

Mark Hoverson, the 8 figure earning trainer and coach has come out with a new training called ‘The Famous 8 figure Million Dollar Day’. As always, Mark throws in some awesome nuggets of wisdom thereby enthralling his students.

 Mark Hoverson

He begins with Proverbs 12:24

The hand of the diligent will rule. But the hand of the slothful will be put to forced labour.

He explains the word ‘diligent’ as meaning the determined, the efficient, the speedy and the word ‘slothful’ as being slow and procrastinating on decisions.

The key to success is to be diligent, productive and prolific. How does one attain that? By getting rid of procrastination and thereby clearing one’s mind of clutter. This results in opening up channels to receive creative ideas, and opportunities start crashing in on you; they “seize” you and “tackle” you and start appearing in your life.

That’s what an decluttered mind can do for you and hence it becomes imperative that you rid yourself of all procrastination in your life.

Can I invest a million dollars in your business?

Mark asks us to imagine that a wealthy investor is keen to invest in your business. Would he invest in your business if you are a procrastinator and not given to completing tasks in a timely fashion?

No he won’t!

So we give ourselves one day to complete all such pending tasks. Hence the term ‘Million Dollar Day’.

So what exactly is a Million Dollar Day?

A Million Dollar day is the day that you set aside for completing all those tasks that you had been procrastinating on until then.

First you make a list of all such tasks and activities and make a note of how many weeks, months or years you have been procrastinating on it.

Below is a sample of categories of your To-do list with examples.

  1. Health – Such as fixing an appointment with your Dentist.
  2. Household – Clearing your garage, ceiling fans etc…
  3. Technical – Take computer backup, delete old emails.
  4. Miscellaneous – Visiting an aunt, calling an old friend.
  5. And a few other categories.

Here’s the To-Do list that I had prepared.

 photo MDD_Excel_To-do_list_zpsa3b9a4a9.png

Here’s my preview video on the eve of my Million dollar day.

A video showing me at work on my Million Dollar Day on the 15th of August.

And finally reporting on the benefits received after completing the Million Dollar Day.

Do you want to undertake a Million Dollar Day? I invite you to take the course by checking the Internet Lifestyle Network website.

 photo ilnvip_zps4475c2e5.jpg

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A family day out!

The kids had an unexpected school holiday recently. So we made a spur of the moment decision to take a road trip to visit an uncle.

The monsoons have been pretty active in this part of the world. There wasn’t a day in these last two months when it hadn’t rained. So it was quite a relief when the sun stayed up almost the entire day and made our journey possible (read enjoyable). 🙂

Thanks to my internet lifestyle I am able to take time out of my work whenever I want without requiring permission from a “BOSS”. 😉

Please send me your comments. 🙂 Until next time!

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Facing rejection!

It’s quite common for network marketers to get frustrated because they don’t get sales inspite of their efforts and following the marketing strategies that they have been taught.

I try to examine the reasons why things don’t go well in spite of following your marketing strategies step by step.

The lessons learnt are :

1. Allowing yourself a time frame of atleast 1 year to work your business and to not quit before that period no matter what.

2. Choosing the right vehicle (business/program).

3. Ensure you have an active and helpful upline team.

4. Consistent marketing efforts every day and to not worry about the results.

Being consistent in your marketing efforts is the key. If you are in the network marketing industry, you are bound to face a lot of rejections. The key is to continue your marketing efforts inspite of the rejection.

The reversal of your fortunes is just round the corner.

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Viewtrakr – A revolutionary concept in video sharing



Millions of videos get made and shared on the internet every day. Videos of various niches such as music, entertainment, business promotions etc…

What if one got paid for sharing videos? That’s the question that a group of people pondered over, five years ago.

Today the answer to that question has finally materialized in the form of a unique business program called Viewtrakr. The Viewtrakr concept envisages combining a serious business within a fun environment.



Here’s how it works. You set up your Viewtrakr page by uploading the videos that you want to share with friends and acquaintances. These can be videos that you create or videos created by others that you want to share. Now every time someone views your video and registers for the program, you get to earn from their membership fees.

If you are already a business owner this system complements your existing business very well. You can set up your promotional videos in the viewtrakr and share it.  Infact the Viewtrakr system has created ready-to-use templates for popular businesses such as Empower Network, MCA, Solavei, EPX Body and many more.

The Viewtrakr is therefore a double-edged sword where it acts as both a primary business as well as a promotional tool for your existing business.

More details on how you earn is given in the compensation plan inside the website.

The program, currently in prelaunch, is going live on July 1. The Company has announced several bonuses for those that join before the launch date. A lower membership fee is one of them. Another awesome bonus is a profit sharing arrangement on all sales of the Company after July 1.

To put it in perspective, what would it mean to you to participate in the profit share of Companies like Facebook and Youtube?

Take action TODAY by clicking the link below, watch the two minute video, and register for free.


You can check out the Compensation plan by clicking the ‘$’ button on the right side of the screen.


The compensation plan is so designed that it is in the interest of your upline team members that you succeed.  So you are never left to fend for yourself.

My contact details are displayed in the website in case you have queries. See you on the inside.


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A nice monsoon day in Cochin

Having spent two decades in the desert lands of the middle east as an IT professional and having recently returned (for good) to my hometown of Cochin in the southern Indian state of Kerala, this is my first experience of the monsoon season in twenty years.

I couldn’t resist the urge to record a video and upload to youtube to share my experience with my online friends.

As children we would make ‘paper’ boats and ‘sail’ them in the large puddles. Roadside fishing was another pastime.

This year’s rains have been welcomed by the local populace after several months of near drought.

I leave you with a few pictures of Cochin in the rain.  Enjoy these pictures while I go sail paper boats. 🙂

Cochin rain paper boats

Cochin rain playing

Cochin rain

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